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Chiropractic Kinesiology

Chiropractic Kinesiology (CK) is the science and art of utilizing muscle response testing to aid in the evaluation of neurologic/muscular imbalances and in the assessment of proper treatment for correction of the identified imbalances.

Neurologically the human body is divided into compartments: front/back, top/bottom, left/right sides. The brain is responsible for balancing the tone in the muscles between each of these compartments. This is what allows us to stand, bend, run, etc. Proper tone also allows for proper dispersal of stress around joints to maximize lifting potential but more importantly to decrease chance of injuring the joint itself.

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Chiropractic Neurology

Chiropractic takes so many shapes and forms and yet all of it works (more or less) or else it would have disappeared years ago. There are over 50 recognized, distinct techniques all with vastly different theories of why they work and the mechanisms behind their success. How can this be? What are the common factors that link all of these techniques together, that really explain what is going on that has helped so many people?

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