Tired young woman feels acute back pain as she stands up after working on computer in sedentary posture for a long time.

PEMF Treatments

We’re excited to announce that we offer PEMF treatments! What is PEMF? PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field. PEMF works similar to a battery

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Nutrition Leaves Green Circular Text From Inside


Since we have talked about PEMF treatments and the ability it has to help the body detox, let’s talk about ways to support our body

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Mega Sporebiotic

We are excited to introduce a supplement line we carry. MicroBiome Labs has a 5 product line. The “star” or 1st product they introduced was

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Mobile Units

We are excited to announce that Mobile Units are available to preorder! More information is available on our Facebook page Dynamic Health Solutions. (or just

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