Chiropractic Kinesiology (CK) is the science and art of utilizing muscle response testing to aid in the evaluation of neurologic/muscular imbalances and in the assessment of proper treatment for correction of the identified imbalances.

Neurologically the human body is divided into compartments: front/back, top/bottom, left/right sides. The brain is responsible for balancing the tone in the muscles between each of these compartments. This is what allows us to stand, bend, run, etc. Proper tone also allows for proper dispersal of stress around joints to maximize lifting potential but more importantly to decrease chance of injuring the joint itself.

All injuries are a result of your body’s inability to absorb the forces placed on it. At all times force is transferring into our bodies because of gravity’s influence. It doesn’t matter what the force is, if we can’t absorb it, we will be injured (Acute (sports, auto) or chronic (repetitive movement). The majority of these forces are meant to be absorbed by our muscles. The nervous system controls how our muscles respond to these stress forces. However, if the muscles fail to respond, these forces are distributed into other tissues, not designed to deal with this force, and are overwhelmed, resulting in:

Bone: fractures Tendon: tendonitis or ruptured tendon Meniscus: fraying or tear Spinal disc: bulge or herniation “other muscles”: pulls, tears, sprains

Whether you are an athlete, office worker, or manual laborer, chiropractic kinesiology can help identify the faulty muscle recruitment patterns you have developed over your lifetime.

These faulty muscle recruitment patterns cause instability of the joints they are meant to support.

In the short term, it can lead to serious injury (sprained ankles, torn knee ligaments, etc.). Long term it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, knee replacements, shoulder injuries, low back injuries, etc.

Once the imbalances are indentified, corrective therapies specific to the individual are recommended.

Therapies utilized are: gentle chiropractic adjustments, stretching protocols, exercise programs, and brain exercises.

One of the great advantages to chiropractic kinesiology is the ability to see results instantly, telling us whether the applied treatment works or if we need to try something else.